Thursday, February 19, 2009

ruffler dress giveaway

I think it's just about time for a giveaway, it's been much too long since we've had one of those!

I've decided to give one of my ruffler dresses, brand new for spring... and the winner can specify the size they'd like, from 1T through size 6. Wanna play? Here's how to enter: Just link back to this entry on your own blog or website, then leave a note in the comments on this post letting me know how I can find your post! That's it. Easy peasy. Want a second entry? When you leave your comment here, let me know your favorite item from my shop, and why you love it, and you'll double your chances of winning!

I'll accept comments through 2/27, and announce the winner on the 28th!

Good luck!

birdie & birdie

birdie & birdie, originally uploaded by varenia.

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

We've been celebrating Piper's second birthday throughout the week, including a fun outing yesterday to the Long Beach Aquarium with Grandma & Grandpa. My little sand-Piper loved feeding the lorikeets! {Although she didn't really want to hold them... too close!}

On Tuesday, which was her actual birthday, my mind was boggled all day by the fact that she's only been here two years. I just couldn't get my brain wrapped around the fact that I brought her home just two years ago, and to make it even harder to believe, that since bringing her home from the hospital, I've brought another baby home! Craziness.

Richard and I have noticed over the past few months how much her language and vocabulary have just exploded, but this week I've made a discovery I'm none too happy about... since when has my sweet girl stopped calling me Mama and started calling me MOM? Yup, that's right. All week it's been "MOM! MOM! Look!" or "Coo Mom". {Coo= Cool. Yes. My 2 year old says "cool". Especially when she has new birthday shoes that are bright pink and shaped like ducks. They are pretty cool.}

Happy Birthday, Birdie Girl.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My boy is SIX!

We had a wonderful party at the zoo...

{Even despite the fact that Mom, Dad, and Rye were loaded up on Day-Quil.... but it's all good)...

Thanks to all of the friends who made this a special day for Rye, and to Jami for the sweet photos!

in his own little corner

in his own little corner, originally uploaded by varenia.

little p & the bunnettes

little p & the bunnettes, originally uploaded by varenia.

{on the mend}

{on the mend}, originally uploaded by varenia.

Monday, February 2, 2009

ruffler dress

ruffler dress, originally uploaded by varenia.

I'm still here! It's been soooo crazy lately with kids and sewing, illnesses and upcoming birthdays... February just started and I already feel like it's flying by so quickly!

In response to the overwhelming requests for a dress with a similar collar to the mermaid blouse, I've created this one... it turned out much lovelier than I anticipated, and I'll be finishing up some samples of this style in other colorways and post them soon.

And can we just take a moment and remark on how big and grown up my sweet girl is getting?! (No, she wasn't in a bad mood, this is her "model face".... watch out Tyra!) Hooray for little girls and little dresses.