Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth day birthday

happy birthday, three, originally uploaded by varenia.

My firstborn daughter. My apple-girl. My earth day baby. Three years old today.

Please, don't let her grow up so fast, seems like just YESTERDAY I was holding her, newborn, all pink (ok, red) and round and rosy and so overwhelmingly feminine, even at birth.

We did all the sweet girls favorites, decorated for her party, hit the beach (balloons in tow, of course), finished the cake (pink raspberry with strawberries on top, yum), read lots of stories, colored, colored, colored, and partied. Quite a fiesta.

This mama is all tuckered out, but I'll post the post-beach party pics tomorrow, when I come down off my sugar high/crash and burn. What a great day.


HomeMadeOriginals said...

Lovely photo...and what I great date for a birtdhay. Thanks for visiting my blog...I'll be sure to visit your Etsy store too.

sonia said...

Love, Vincent

julie king said...

what a delightful way to celebrate earth day and a birthday! my "baby girl" is almost 29 and is the mother of a beautiful 3 year old. i often ask "where have the years gone" but what a joy it is to love the daughter of your daughter. hold on to and cherish every moment!!