Sunday, April 20, 2008

pink, pigs, party, and pizza

With Apple's third birthday QUICKLY arriving, I've found myself creating a bit more. Not really a choice with my little one, so vocal about what she wants ("what are you going to sew for me, Mommy?") and then telling me how to do it ("I need a stuffed animal! I need a piggie! You sew it now, Mama!")

So here they are. Mela the Pig, and a matching crayon roll that hopefully will surprise the birthday girl. The crayon roll has a slot for 12 crayons, and a slot for a notebook/stickerbook, which I thought would be handy for travel.

I know I sound redundant with every birthday that passes, but I really can't believe she'll be three! When I asked her what she'd like to do for her special day, she told me she just wanted pink, pigs, party, and pizza. She's turning into quite a remarkable little girl, who knows her own mind, not so much of a baby anymore. While I do find three in some ways to be a difficult age, what with independence the all-encompassing desire, but competence often lacking, there is something so magical about a teeny tiny child, with a body so little and a mind so big.

I can't wait to see what three is like with Apple.

1 comment:

sonia said...

you forgot "pretty"!!!
hi, apple! gigi loves your birthday balloons. rye, vincent says your sand castles rock!!!
both can't believe how big piper is.