Sunday, June 29, 2008

thank you, hazel & clio!

I stumbled upon a really sweet review of my shop at the new go-to modern mommy blog, Hazel & Clio. Created and maintained by two mommies, you must check out their other sweet and fabulous finds for babes and toddlers.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

sweet moments

I love toddlers. I really do. Even the wild, independent, orange-haired variety. Okay, especially the wild, independent, orange-haired variety.

Teddy bear picnic and some ball time with Daddy today. Sweet moments to treasure.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

elephants, i like elephants...

Inspired by Rye's two most-favoritest-things (besides mama, of course)... GREEN and ELEPHANTS! I decided to give the design a go in baby Piper's size first, for practical reasons (she needed pants) and to make sure Rye liked the design enough to make big boy pants out of it. Needless to say, he loves them, and is a little perturbed she got elephant pants before he did, but he's being patient with me!

Also available in my shop!

Do you like elephants as much as we do? Click here to listen to the current family favorite :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

i swore off any more pets, but...

... our trip to the local zoo just MIGHT be swaying the whole "Mom can I have a (fill in the blank here)..."

I don't have a photo of the guinea pigs, but they were amazing! So, so cute. If any animal could sway me right now, it just MAY be a snuggly little guinea pig... I never realized how really and truly adorable they were, and kid friendly. Rye "collected" bunches of guinea pigs, setting them all in a line with their salad mix, and eventually had almost 20 little guineas in a bundle all to himself. He was in animal-lover heaven. I've never been to this particular petting zoo, only the children had with their grandparents, and I was really impressed with the staff and their encouragement of the children handling the animals. Almost anytime we have encountered anywhere with bunnies, or little chicks, the children haven't been allowed to pick them up, because of the fragile and skittish nature of the animals. But this petting zoo was so open, and you could really see the difference in the animals... I've never seen bunnies run to greet us (and our baskets of carrots!) so eagerly!

I also loved the llamas, but doubt I'll be getting a llama as a pet any time soon! But maybe Piper and I should get llama-inspired haircuts??!...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

field trip

I feel so blessed that the little ones are generally well behaved, at least in public, and always feel a little guilty when expected to "be good" for too long a period of time, especially when having to run mundane activities that even drive me crazy, like waiting forever at the DMV, or waiting in the doctor's office. Since we're visiting the doctor quite regularly these days, I try to reward them with a fun field trip to look forward to after all of the "being good and sitting still" is over.

So this week we hit the local arboretum. Of course, immediately Rye wanted to know what kind of wild animals we would encounter, and was quite disappointed to discover the arboretum was more of a plant place than an animal place. He was game, though, and was thrilled to find PICTURES of wild animals all over, describing what naturally inhabits each type of environment that was created.

My favorite of the day were the beautiful community gardens. It was amazing to see the different individuals, or groups personalities shine through their choices of color, texture, and various accessories. Some of the highlights for me were this birdbath and this adorable little wooden house.

The kids let loose in the Redwoods environment. Rye created a fascinating game of golf, gathered up piles of pinecones and putted around with a huge stick. Four!

And the girls loved the pinecones, the little treasures, as well. Apple, the passer-out-of-cones, and Piper, the collector and horder of cones.

All in all, a great afternoon, and a place we could all enjoy (even the unborn little bundle! probably greatful for the excercise, ha ha!)... looking forward to many more trips to the arboretum.

going home, originally uploaded by varenia.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more flower power

Piper's feeling better! Yay! Thank goodness it only seemed to be a 48 hour fever, so she's back to full throttle already. As promised, here are pics of her twirly skirt, and a new one (love that canvas weight hippie flower fabric!) that Apple is modeling for the shop. I had fun making the skirts, partially because skirt making is very straightforward and somewhat mindless, and fast to create. I have that thing about instant gratification. But... I think that just about exhausts my desire to make any more summer skirts, at least for a while. On to something different and more challenging... just not sure what yet!

Monday, June 9, 2008

flowers for the girls

I've been wanting to make skirts for the girls for a while, using some sort of applique. Then when Apple mentioned she wanted a flower, I thought "aha!"... so here's her version, in hot pink. Piper has one, too, in turquoise, but the little one isn't feeling well so I'll post a pic when she gets her groove back.

So here's Apple solo, in all her glory, not that she needs any help from Mama to up her cute factor. Yesterday, as we were walking into IKEA in silence, she turned to me and said, "Mom, you know all of these people are looking at me, and they are thinking that I am pretty." Hmmmm. Maybe I should start reinforcing to her how HUMBLE she is!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


One of my items was featured in a treasury on Etsy, along with some other "kewl" things for kids. I'm glad I discovered some of these shops, my kids would love the wild animals wall graphics!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

sunny days

I've been feeling more industrious lately, than wordy, so here you go! :). The latest product of my industriousness. Is that a word? Told you I wasn't feeling wordy. Have an industrious week!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my retro baby

my retro baby, originally uploaded by varenia.