Wednesday, September 24, 2008

autumn spice

Now available in the shop! The "opposite" version will be listed soon, as well, with birds for sleeves and the leaves for the bodice. I love this one for Fall. What a great pumpkin patch dress!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

newest creations and third trimester rambles...

As my tummy grows bigger... and bigger... I'm finding it harder and harder to get anything done. Especially things that require foresight, like charging the batteries to my camera so I actually have photos to post. And a million other things. I really am trying to keep up with my blogging, but somehow it seems to slip away most of the time! I have a feeling after the little one comes home and Rye is more settled in kindergarten I'll be back to posting more often... Until then...

I've been doing some sewing. "Some" is quite the understatement, actually, as the rest of my house will attest too. But no complaints here! The shop has picked up quite a bit after a little summer slump, keeping me quite busy cutting and serging away, and I've been trying to complete some new fall dresses as well, which are almost done. The first of the batch is the fall shift in mint chocolate:

Richard and the children have been keeping busy as well, devoting every weekend to landscaping our new backyard. We took this pic right around the time we moved in:

And a little snippet of that corner of the yard now:

That's a Buddha's Belly variety of bamboo, and one of my absolute favorite new things in the yard. So pretty, it makes me smile every day. The other things making me smile are Sha & Ba (new pet turtles for the koi pond... we did have one casualty already, however, Turtle Parrot didn't make it...) and Tantu & Zen (aka "Animal") the koi. We're building quite the little ecosystem back there, and I must say all of the neighborhood animals are loving the water feature. I plan on posting some koi pond pics once the new pets get settled, they're still pretty skittish and getting used to their new home and the pond itself isn't quite finished. Almost.

I'll leave you now with a shot of Apple helping out... (who says 3-year-olds and large, sharp tools don't mix?!)...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

i'm still here!

I know I've been M.I.A. for awhile, but I've been busy, I promise. Some of the exciting things going on around here:

I was featured in this lovely treasury... and also on the front page of Etsy chosen from a seperate treasury, below:

The overwhelming response and support of my swing coats has been amazing! Thank you to everyone for your very kind words!

There's been much sewing time, too! These three are some of my newest creations, another fall dress and some skirts. I am really loving all of the home dec. weight fabrics available right now, and so many of them are perfect for a little extra body in our fall wardrobes. Both of the skirts use a medium weight cotton from Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy line, combined with a regular cotton poplin from the amazing Garden Party line from Anna Maria Horner. Love love love that Garden Party.

Probably the most exciting, monumental, and unforgettable has been Rye's foray into kindergarten! He has officially finished his first week! Here he is on the first day:

Notice all the green? His favorite. And the shirt with the number "5" on it, because that's his number. All personally chosen by the kindergartener himself. Let me tell you, finding that green backpack with an animal on it was no easy task, but just what he wanted... It's been a roller coaster of a week, with my slow-to-warm boy adjusting a bit better to his new classmates than I anticipated. It's still a struggle to get him to say hello and goodbye to people, but I've heard he's actually engaging with some kids in the classroom and on the playground, so that's progress.

And can you believe just a little over a month until our newest little one is due? And can you believe that I still haven't made anything for him yet?! I will, it's just so hard to decide exactly what I want (or need) and what amazing fabrics to use since I seem to be inundated with amazing fabrics these days! I did pick up Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones, and there's a pattern for a very snuggly blanket-wrap-type-thing that I think I'll give a try. Seems perfect for an October baby.

That's all the news for now! I cross my fingers I'll try to post more often :)! Have a great week!