Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas eve crafting

button, button

Rye's Porcupine Creation


Apple's Creation

I must admit, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with my mile long to-do list on Christmas Eve. All of the wrapping, cookies, and sewing not-yet-done was leaving me on edge. But somehow when the older children sat down and started to sew with me I was reminded what the holiday spirit was all about. I love how organic and spontaneous our creating and time together is when we all have our hands busy.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

advent calender

Advent Calender

The advent calender in our home is always much, much more than a daily countdown to Christmas. This year it has already been the inspiration for day after day of dramatic play, animals finding secret hiding places, peek-a-boo for dollies and babies, a magical land to travel to and from the magical land of the nativity scene :), and endless repetitive fine motor fun for baby Piper. I love that to my kids a calender is never just a calender.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

O Christmas Tree

The kids are enthralled with the Outdoor Christmas Tree in our front yard. I'm always amazed by their amazement. How something as simple as a tree can provide them with a thousand forms of entertainment and a million scenarios to act out. They've decided that the Outdoor Tree needs ornaments, as well as lights, and I'm not exactly sure what kind of ornamentation they have in mind but I'm sure they will remind me tomorrow. Apple has already decided which scraps of fabric she's saving for her "nornaments."

Rye, especially, loves the tree. And I love him. He got his first hair cut today, a cut that wasn't a trim, and I love that I can really see the wonder in his face in the photo above. He's still not sure about the cut, he likes his hair "yellow and down down down" but after reviewing the photos from today he told me, "I sure look handsome." Awwww.