Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fashion flashback

flashback #2, originally uploaded by varenia.

After hours of recovering photos and files from my old hard drive, I also found some old photos of my father-in-laws from when my husband was a boy. I just looove pictures of him from his childhood, and that mischievous twinkle that permanently resided in his eye!

I really love this shot taken in Honolulu, I believe in either '76 or '77. Richard's legs and socks slay me. (Although the legs still look pretty much the same, darn him.) And look how stylish my mother-in-law was (is.) Love her round-yoke dress, just the picture of 70's glamour. Tres chic!


Jerusalem said...

It's amazing to me, considering current fashion & decorating trends, how modern this picture looks. This could have seriously just been ripped from Elle Decor. Crazy.

You're Invited... said...

wow, ur mom in law is tres chic and gorgeous. Also, it looks like a very tall Rye sitting with gramma!