Wednesday, June 3, 2009

far far away, work in progress


So, I have another creation in the works. Ever since Far, Far Away arrived at our house, it has been the topic of conversation among the little girls. After finishing Apple's princess and the pea dress, she almost immediately started asking for something with the pink frogs. And Piper slooowly draws the green unicorns off the shelf, oh-so-delicately, wraps herself up in it, and twirls around crying "wheeeee! preeeeetty!"

I searched through my stash for the perfect compimentary fabric to the green unicorns, and the task proved much trickier than I originally thought. Finally, I decided upon a green and blue floral from Jackie Shapiro's (now discontinued) Botanical Pop, one of my all-tiime favorite lines.

I can't wait to finish this creation and see it on! I already have plans for something similar for the shop, and possibly even in other colorways. Stay tuned.


liz at olliekate said...

Love the suspense! And the fabrics :)

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

What wonderful fabrics. I can't wait to see!

randi said...

The fabrics are perfect! Such great color.