Friday, May 22, 2009

something new

A few of you have noticed the new "Shop Whole Grain Baby" icon in the sidebar to the left, and have probably been wondering if I am (redundantly) linking to my etsy shop.  

Well, I'm very excited to give you a sneek peek into the creation of the website we've been working on for a few months!  After (much) urging, primarily on the part of my husband, and much researching, we will be experimenting with maintaining our own site, as well as the etsy shop.  

This was a very difficult decision, particularly with the desire to be cost and time effective for a small home-based business like this one.  One of the things I love about the new site is that fact that it is sooo user friendly for the customer, and therefore, for me!  I think it's going to save tons of time emailing back and forth, clarifying sizes, payment issues, etc.  And along the lines of payment issues, one of the biggest requests I've had from customers is the ability to enter a coupon code for discounts, in lieu of the emailing back and forth (etsy-style) and then have to offer the discount as a refund, or spend (precious) time creating special reserved listings.  All of this is eliminated with the new site!  The ability to just enter a discount code upon checkout and automatically receive the savings I think will be a huge improvement!

The site is still bare-bones at this point, as we add items and work on layout, but it is live.  We anticipate on adding at least 5 (new!) items to the new site over the next 5 days (that will not be added to the etsy site), so I'd love it if you'd stop by and check it out!  And just for following this blog, enter the code PLAY15 and receive 15% off your total order!  (Since the site is still new, if you have any issues with the discount codes please let me know.)  I'd love to hear all of your feedback as well, or any suggestions!

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Liz said...

Congratulaitons on the new site, it looks great. That is an exciting step for you to be taking with your business!