Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Memory Jog

Did you ever participate in a Jog-A-Thon when you were in school perhaps? I know I sure did! But I don't think it was quite the event it is at Rye's school, complete with tres chic Jog-A-Thon t-shirts and a groovy tunes to motivate the runners to keep going!

Look at how hard these kids are running! I was so impressed by all of their persistence (and sheer energy!)

Look at this face! I'll think I'll start calling him Rye Prefontaine.... a future Olympic gold medalist, maybe?

Of course no event would be complete without spectators. While the girls and I cheered, high-fived, and ate lots of Cheez-Its, Jack ate lots of grass and squealed with excitement.

Finally, the running was over. Time to cool down and head over for some refreshments.

The girls were so tired you would think they were the ones who actually participated! Luckily my double stroller can easily accommodate three, so not only did Rye get quite the workout, but so did I. What a win-win day.

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