Wednesday, April 22, 2009

birthday prep

baking, originally uploaded by varenia.

Last night we stayed up sooooo late (like, 9 pm! hey, that's late for my sleepy kids) finishing Apple's special cake. She's been asking for this cake for about 6 months, for her birthday. A chocolate cake with a very yellow frosting.

So Richard, Master Cake Baker, planned, purchased, and baked with the littles til the wee hours. After a whole evening's excitement and looking forward to her Birthday Dinner, Apple eagerly dove into her yellow-and-chocolate concoction. And hated it.

I had a feeling she would, as she gets older I can't help but notice how similar we are, even down to our tastes in food.

Anyway, Happy Happy Birthday to my Apple girl. Because, you know her feet touch the ground now when she's sitting at the picnic table. And to her that means four.

More birthday goodness to come... later. Must nap now.


the 6 o'clock stitch said...

What a cutie. Happy birthday, Apple!

giddygoat said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Apple!!