Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a birthday in the works

So, I finally cut into my coveted Far, Far Away Fabrics. Apple's birthday is next week, and I've got many things in the works. Like four dresses. (For four years old, of course). Two of the dresses she knows about, being her special requests: this one (princess and the pea) she's been asking for ever since she saw the fabric, and she has requested a "yellow sun dress with just a touch of red and pink, Mama". The girl knows what she wants, so I'm going to try to give it to her. Then there'll be two more dresses she's not expecting, one based on this book (which she is also receiving) and then an apple themed dress, for obvious reasons.

Here's a couple of peeks at dress number one. I cannot get over how cute that little princess is. She slays me. I took great measure to place her perfectly in this dress too, even though it ended up costing me more fabric than I wanted. She was worth it.

I'm glad I chose this print on the white background instead of the pink; Apple's skin is already so tan and toasty just from being outside the last few days, I think the light color is really going to pop on her.

Here's the inside of the bodice, more Heather Ross fabrics. I love the two together, the only thing I'm not loving is the fact that the double gauze is quite see through, and you can see the dots through the front of the dresses bodice, which I'm not crazy about, but I had to line it because you see, Apple really is the Princess and the Pea. The most sensitive kid ever. As much as she loves the fabric there was no way she was putting it on her tummy because it was too itchy. (Nevermind the fact that this fabric is the softest thing ever). I'm hoping I can ease her into the idea with this one and then make her another dress using double gauze and won't have to line it. But until then...


Sarah said...

Oh I am in love with this fabirc and your dress looks just perfect

Mel said...

Can't wait to see the fantastic 4.

Amanda Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see this! It's going to be so cute!

Stephanie said...

It's beautiful!

My son won't wear his pockets tucked in (in his soft sweat pants) because they annoy him. :)
So I completely understand.

And that's sooo cute that she wants "with a touch of red and pink".