Monday, March 2, 2009

everyone's a winner

Congratulations to the winner of the Ruffler Dress Giveaway, Melissa Sews!

And thank you, truly, to all who entered. I really enjoyed reading all of your comments and blog posts about the dress, and wanted to do something special for all of you as well... so... I'd like to offer all of the contestants who commented on the giveaway a 10% OFF coupon to use in my shop! Just mention the giveaway when you checkout, and I'll refund the difference to your paypal right away.


melissa sews said...

I am so excited to have won the dress, Varenia! It is absolutely amazing.

melissa sews said...

hey, I saw that there was some sort of quake in Orange County last night... hope you guys are doing okay! Fortunately, we don't have those here in Alabama... would startle the kiddos I'm sure.