Monday, August 25, 2008

weekend getaway: apple's story

It's from our vacation. I was jumping on the bed... ten times. I was showing you you can jump on the bed, too.

I was swimming in the pool with Grandma. Piper was swimming with me. It was my yellow frog!

It was the one I was seeing the flamingos at the zoo, and we were going to the zoo with Grandpa. I was looking at them, the flamingos were standing on one foot!

Grandpa said I was in the mouse house and I was seeing the mouses and Grandpa said when children get out and then we went looking at a different animal.

I was loving the pigs. I love the pigs, and then I got to a different animal at the zoo.

I walked on rocks at the beach.

Mama hold me at the beach.

I was lying in the bed, I like it at the vacation.


The Wooden Spool said...

ahhhh, so this post!
Summer's are so great!!!
How was the first day of school? We started our first day of Grade 1. Once again, tough for mommy to wave goodbye, but she did alright! Today was much better!
It's all good.....all in all, gives mommy a break for half the day, right?! :)

Christina Joy said...

So cute! I need to write more child-narrated posts like this one! Good job, Apple!

katie said...

adorable post.

i'm shocked at myself but seeing your belly makes me miss being pregnant. . . it really is so amazing. and, you look great!

Rubyellen said...

she is so cute! i was so glad to see you on the front page!!!

and your belly looks ready to pop! i agree with katie above, makes me want to get prego too!!!

Heather said...

so sweet! sounds like a wonderful vacation :)