Thursday, August 14, 2008

piper picks a peck of peppers

Oh, the hot pepper garden. For the most part it's tended to, without incident. But every once in a while, some curious toddler decides they must pick peppers, and eat peppers, stomp on peppers, and smash peppers. When this happens with almost anything we grow, I can take it in stride, for the most part, at the expense of a few sprouts lost and a few lessons learned. This is usually not the case, however, with the hot peppers.

Richard grows severely hot peppers, some of the hottest (yes, the top of the rating scale... can you believe there is a rating scale for such things?) peppers in the world. And we use them. It's one of my husband's favorite hobbies. But you would think by the third little one I would learn: babies and hot peppers do not mix.

It's the oil, that the peppers produce on the outside of their skin, that can burn someone without even ingesting them. That's the real problem. When Apple was Piper's age I remember her screams coming from the backyard. I looked out and saw a few scattered peppers, and her standing there in the midst of them just wailing. I was surprised, since her palate is just like her Dad's, and she had already proven to be hot pepper contest material, she loved to eat them that much. Then I saw her eyes. The problem wasn't her eating them, it was the rubbing of the eyes after picking... turns out she actually burned a couple layers of skin around her eyes and looked like she had been in a boxing match for days.

So when I looked out the window today and saw Piper in the hot pepper garden I immediately threw her in the sink! I wasn't taking any chances with remnant of pepper "oil" anywhere on her hands or legs. She loved the impromptu bath, and had fun spraying herself with the "mist" button on the faucet.

Never a dull moment with these little ones!


earth and sun folk said...

glad the wee one was ok! we manage to keep our kiddos out of the garden...but not the dogs :(

Angie said...

the photo says it all!