Thursday, August 21, 2008

boy love

I found this wonderful surprise waiting for me on the kitchen table a couple of days ago, a little token from my growing-more-amazing-each-day 5 year old. Lately both his dad and I have just been awestruck by Rye's abilities, especially the way his artwork has developed, drawing pictures with so much detail (scales on lizards, little "horns" on his giraffes, always questioning what kind of ears does so-and-so animal have...) and equally amazed by his writing, both by the amount that he can write on his own now, and his quest for learning more, more, more each day. Constantly it's, "What spells e-i-e-i-o?" or "how do you spell 'Earth shake'"? (Can you tell we experienced an earthquake recently?)

In this crazy trial-and-error role as a parent, I am delighted that we trusted our instincts, and our experiences, and really allowed Rye to enjoy learning at his own pace and in his own way. We've never forced him to sit down and write letters, or numbers, although I see this all the time in the local preschools, children as small as 2 and 3 years old required to sit down and "practice" writing their names, etc. I've always known when he was ready he would seek it out, and although he's been writing basic things, like his name, forever, it's rewarding and so promising to see this explosion of literacy now, and his pride in being able to communicate in such a sophisticated way.

As my firstborn enters kindergarten (less than 2 weeks!) I find myself wondering what this new journey will bring for him, and for us as a family. Any of you veteran Mama's out there have any funny/endearing/heartwarming stories to share about your child's first day of school, or a memorable kindergarten experience? I'd love to hear them!


manda said...

hi from australia...your blog is sweet :-)

Heather said...

My little one is only 1, so I'm no vetran. But its good to see that the 'just let them be' method is working for you...some times I worry that my just letting my little one be is the wrong thing-- like I need to make sure she's constantly stimulated in some way at every moment. But looking back at my own childhood full of made-up adventures and learning to do things on my own (I was an only child until i was 6) made me a more creative person. I dont want my LO to always have to be 'entertained' by something other than her own imagination.
So any advice YOU may have-- I'd love to hear it!~