Friday, July 11, 2008


You know the old expression, "the more things change the more they stay the same?" That's been on my mind all morning as I'm preparing this family to move. The contractors let us know last night that fingers-crossed our new house will be ready to move in by the end of today, albeit sans kitchen cabinets. Those won't be in until next week.

I'm so excited to claim the new space, there's always such a creative energy in the air when you move, deciding where to put what, like a brand-new fresh start. I'm also grateful that it's happening before the new little bub arrives, in plenty of time to unpack and feel settled. But there is a large part of bittersweetness in this move, as well. We've lived in our little place for 4 years now. Rye was just a small toddler when we moved in, and both of our girls were born here. This is the only home any of them know. This is the place that has their heights etched in the kitchen cupboard, the place Apple and Piper took their first steps, the place they were all potty trained, and Rye lost his first tooth. It's the home where Richard and I have grown as parents, have grown as a couple, and have experienced the joys and griefs that have shaped us into the family that we are today.

Rye was about 17 months or so in this pic, right after we moved in four summers ago. You can still see the moving box in the corner of the pic, we hadn't even completely unpacked yet, but there he was, painting away under the kitchen table. Hard to believe this is the same little one who is eagerly anticipating kindergarten and soccer in the fall.

And then there are the things that stay the same... This was me, when we moved in or shortly thereafter, but could just as easily be a pic of me now. (Just imagine everything a bit chubbier-- hey, this is my fourth kid in five years)! As crazy as being pregnant and moving at the same time are, there is a familiarity that is comforting to me, a predictability, and a rhythm to it that I know.

We aren't the same family we were four years ago. We've grown in number (and in size!), we have different jobs, some of us different goals or different hobbies. But the core of us, what we value for ourselves and our children is very, very much the same.


Sarah and Jack said...

4th kid in 5 years. You are my hero. LOL

I actually quite like moving too. It really is filled with promise. Of course, I hate the actual work of it though!

Ciara said...

Wandering around blogland, and I am so very glad I opened this particular door! As a creative Mama-of-four I am so impressed with how productive you are! I can't wait to have a proper look at your shop too.

aima said...

I admire your energy. It is amazing that you can do so much; move whilst pregnant, manage the three little one, sew and list on your shop etc.

Good luck in setting everything up in your new home. It must be exciting moving to a new fresh home which has been done up as you wish.

elliebelle said...

Moving is hectic, but you are right, it is also refreshing having a new start. I hope all goes well with your move!

Melissa said...

Oh, almost forgot! Blogged here:

giddygoat said...

You are such a babe... seriously!
A talented babe at that!

The Blaisdell Family said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog !!!!

It does dound like we have similar lives with the kiddos:) Although you look a heck of a lot better being pregnant than I do! You've got one of those cute pregnant bodies. I'm jealous. Our oldest is 5 1/2 so our kids are pretty close in age.

I checked out your etsy shop. CUTE, cute stuff!!! Very impressed with it being self taught too! I can so sew if I really put my mind to it, but nothing like what you can do.

I will check back again if you don't mind:) It's always fun "meeting" new people.

Oh, and I agree, this 4th pregnancy is going SO fast compared to the other ones. I feel for you moving and being pregnant. Done that and will never do it again.

October is my all time favorite month, so I am really excited about this baby coming. It will be the only baby with an "odd" birthday....including my hubby and myself...ALL of our birthdays are between Dec.3-Jan 27!! Kind of crazy but a lot of fun too.

Thanks again for stopping by.