Monday, June 9, 2008

flowers for the girls

I've been wanting to make skirts for the girls for a while, using some sort of applique. Then when Apple mentioned she wanted a flower, I thought "aha!"... so here's her version, in hot pink. Piper has one, too, in turquoise, but the little one isn't feeling well so I'll post a pic when she gets her groove back.

So here's Apple solo, in all her glory, not that she needs any help from Mama to up her cute factor. Yesterday, as we were walking into IKEA in silence, she turned to me and said, "Mom, you know all of these people are looking at me, and they are thinking that I am pretty." Hmmmm. Maybe I should start reinforcing to her how HUMBLE she is!


Sarah and Jack said...

LOL Her Ikea comment is a crack up.

elliebelle said...

That is hilarious! I once had an aunt comment on my curly hair when I was little and I made a point to say - "Mine is NATURALLY curly!" hahaha - kids are funny. Love the skirt! :)

melissa sews said...

Sounds like you have a little diva! She is adoreable in that skirt. Too cute! Definitely no problems with her self esteem, is there? Ha!