Wednesday, June 18, 2008

field trip

I feel so blessed that the little ones are generally well behaved, at least in public, and always feel a little guilty when expected to "be good" for too long a period of time, especially when having to run mundane activities that even drive me crazy, like waiting forever at the DMV, or waiting in the doctor's office. Since we're visiting the doctor quite regularly these days, I try to reward them with a fun field trip to look forward to after all of the "being good and sitting still" is over.

So this week we hit the local arboretum. Of course, immediately Rye wanted to know what kind of wild animals we would encounter, and was quite disappointed to discover the arboretum was more of a plant place than an animal place. He was game, though, and was thrilled to find PICTURES of wild animals all over, describing what naturally inhabits each type of environment that was created.

My favorite of the day were the beautiful community gardens. It was amazing to see the different individuals, or groups personalities shine through their choices of color, texture, and various accessories. Some of the highlights for me were this birdbath and this adorable little wooden house.

The kids let loose in the Redwoods environment. Rye created a fascinating game of golf, gathered up piles of pinecones and putted around with a huge stick. Four!

And the girls loved the pinecones, the little treasures, as well. Apple, the passer-out-of-cones, and Piper, the collector and horder of cones.

All in all, a great afternoon, and a place we could all enjoy (even the unborn little bundle! probably greatful for the excercise, ha ha!)... looking forward to many more trips to the arboretum.

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elliebelle said...

Those striped and polka dot leggings on your daughter are so adorable!
Looks like you had a lot of fun! I'm jealous - I'm sitting at a desk!

Jessica said...

Our family's favorite outing is going to the arboretum. It's just a short bike ride away and lots of fun. Every time we head there there are different flowers blooming or animals and birds around. It looks like you had a lovely time there!!! Happy weekend!

Mary Beth said...

This looks familiar. Are you in Santa Barbara? I love her tights so much. When my daughter was little, striped tights were her trademark!

aima said...

The kids are adorable; they look like little angels. I can't imagine them being any thing but good. Sounds like you all had a nice trip with perfect weather.