Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've gone RME!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I've been reading a lot about RME, but wasn't motivated to sign up for it until today when I got a sale (yay!) at my etsy shop, and saw the percentage PayPal is taking out. I've often thought... there's got to be a better way. Or at least a different way. Another option. So I've gone RME!

RME allows you to safely buy and sell online, without exposing your financial information, just like PayPal does. I haven't (and won't) give up my PayPal, I actually really like PayPal for all of the security it provides, but wanted more options to offer customers in terms of check-out, so I've taken the plunge with RME. And, for you sellers out there... they don't take a percentage of your sale! All of what you make is yours to keep! And the best part... drumroll, please... if you sign up by May 15, you will automatically earn $25! Just for signing up!

I think anyone in business on the internet should give this the once-over... no more fees!

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aima said...

Thanks for the tip; I will certainly look into this.